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EMB Studios offers Aerial Cinematography

29 Jun

Have you noticed a preponderance of aerial photos being posted on social media by EMB Studios/Paul Nordin?  That’s because cinematographer Paul Nordin has become a certified sUAS (drone) pilot by the FAA.  Recent advances in the quality of drone cameras and their potential for amazing cinematic shots and video are at the heart of Paul’s acquiring the skills and certification.  If you are interested in adding aerial shots to your project, contact us at EMB


LumaTech Illumina S35 Prime Lenses!

9 Sep

   EMB Studios has recently taken delivery of a complete set of LumaTech Illumina S35 prime lenses.  These beautiful lenses are a great addition to our Red Epic-M 5k Digital Cinema Package. In addition to being very sharp, the lenses are all rated at the super-fast T/1.3!  They can practically see in the dark. Another advantage is they are compact and balance well with the smaller form factor of Epic.

The new design of these Illuminas are the results of 2+ years of refinements and field testing by well known DPs, use Schott glass (same as Leica), and are manufactured by the venerated LOMO Optical Design Bureau in St.Petersberg, Russia.

Our set is one of the few sets currently in the US so come by and check them out!  They are available now for evaluation or rental.

EMBS Announces Availability of its New Red Epic-M Digital Cinema Camera System!

20 Aug

We are very psyched to announce availability of our new Red Epic-M digital cinema camera kit to the gear we offer in film and video productions.

This amazing tour-de-force of camera technology defines the current state of the art.  In a small 6 pound package it offers full 5k images at capture speeds up to 121 frames per second.  At 2k resolution, it captures an astounding 300 frames per second for ultra slow motion shots.  The camera also has a high-dynamic range mode which allows for shooting with minimal lighting in demanding situations.

In addition to the Epic-M, we have on order a set of LumaTech Illumina S-35 prime lenses.  More on these when they arrive, but they will be a fantastic addition to the Epic-M with their low-light capability and sharp images.

This exciting addition ads high-end capability to our established Canon 5Dmk2 kit and Panasonic HVX200.

For info on hiring our cinematography services with the Epic-M or renting the camera kit, contact